INNORI Car Cigarette Lighter 3 Way Car Adapter USB Car Charger with Separate Button for Each Socket Portable Cigarette Lighter Extension with 2 USB Ports IN-Car Socket Adaptor for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, NOKIA, Blackberry, MacBook, Tablets and Other Devices

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Cars have been quite common in our daily lives. Most people like listening to music, need to use GPS or charge electronic devices during driving. However, it is really annoying that the phone is out of battery but there is no available socket to charge it. That¡¯s why we launch this product —
INNORI car cigarette lighter.

cigarette lighter socket splitter adapter functions as a splitter adapter and car charger. It is designed with 3 sockets and 2 USB ports. These 3 sockets increase the efficiency of the built-in socket. The 2 USB ports make it possible to charge phones, tablets and other devices directly, saving sockets.

INNORI car cigarette lighterhas corresponding power button for each socket. You can easily control power on/ off of each socket. It is possible that you prefer to keep devices connected even they are fully charged. However, it may do harm to your devices in that situation. With this product, you just need to press the button. The
car charger has a large power of 120W, meeting most people¡¯s needs of using different devices simultaneously. One of the advantages this product brings with is the dual core technology for the USB charging circuit. With this technology, this
car cigarette lighter can provide two different currents, allowing you charging iPhone and iPad simultaneously. These two USB ports own a combined current of 3.1A, instead of the most common 2A. It has a white piano finish. The surface has special treatment, making it seem of high quality and scratch-resistant and able to seem new for a long time. The inner material is ABS plastic, which is famous for its fire resistance, hardness, durability and no deformation. It has an adhesive mount on its back, so you can stick it where you like. This product is compatible with all phones, tablets, PSP, GPS, car air purifier, car refrigerator and many other devices.

Package includes: car cigarette lighter*1

  • DUAL CORE TECHNOLOGY, this INNORI car cigarette lighter is equipped with dual core technology, which means it has two cores to control the circuit. It enables 2 simultaneous output currents, so you can charge your iPad and iPhone together.
  • DUAL USB PORTS, compared with other similar products, which usually has 1 USB port whose output current is less than 1A, this car cigarette lighter has 2 usb ports with it, whose total output current is 3.1A, allowing charging your iPhone and iPad together. With these 2 USB ports, you can charge 2 USB charging devices directly, saving sockets for other equipment.
  • TRIPLE CIGARETTE LIGHTER SOCKETS, there are three sockets in this car charger, each having corresponding button to control power on/ off of this single circuit. It is not good to keep devices being charged for a long time. However, some may forget to or just do not want to pull the plug out after finishing charging. With this one, you just need to press the button to stop charging, easy and quick.
  • LARGE POWER SUPPORTED, this car cigarette lighter socket supports 120W output in total. It has 3 sockets allowing you to use additional car chargers and 2 USB ports, which means it supports 5 devices in use simultaneously, whose total power can be 120W altogether.
  • BUILT-IN 10A FUSE, this cigarette lighter has a built-in fuse with safe load of 10A/250V. It can protect your device from overcurrent and overload, assuring the safety in use. In comparison, other similar products may use ordinary fuse whose load is 6A, or even worse that they do not have any protection designs.

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