Meuxan 30PCS Pottery Tools Clay Sculpting Tool Set

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Meuxan 30 PCS Clay Sculpture Carving Tool Set
– 12-Month Warranty
– Lifetime Customer Support

– Dimensions: 13CM – 20CM
– Materials: Metal and Wood

– Double Ended Detailing Tool
– Spearhead and curved tool
– Curved vane and large spearhead tool
– Angled and curved tool
– Needle point and angled tool
– Slightly forked and curved flat tool
– Metal wire brush tool
– Salt and pepper drill tool
– Needle point and curved tool
– Curved and loop tool
– Spoolie tool
– Metal Scraper
– Incising Tools
– Clay Hole Cutter
– Serrated Metal Scraper
– Slightly forked and spearhead tool
– Wire Clay Cutter
– Loop Tool
– Double Ended Ribbon Tool
– Modeling Tool
– Needle Tool
– Potter’s Rib
– Sponge

– These items contain functional sharp points and should not be used by young children.
– Adult supervision is required and adult assistance may be needed.
– Please put it out of children’s reach.

  • TOTAL 30 PCS SCULPTING TOOLS to meet your needs, ideal for carving, modeling, cutting, scraping, chipping, brushing, smoothing and more
  • Double-sided design for a variety of shapes and uses, make your work more flexible
  • Durable and long-lasting wood and stainless steel construction
  • Lightweight, smooth and comfortable to hold, suitable for beginners and experts
  • Sizes between 13cm-20cm, easy to carry, use and clean