Human Resource Management in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Services

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Most professionals require considerable understanding of the principles and practices needed to manage full-time, part-time, and seasonal personnel and volunteers. Unfortunately, many professionals in our field have not had sufficient training and development in this area which is known as human resource management.
Although some organizations may have a full-time human resource management specialist, the majority do not and therefore must rely on the recreation and sport manager to have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. ‘Human Resource Management in Recreation, Sport and Leisure Services’ is intended for students who are being exposed to human resource management for the first time. Topics covered in this book include the legal environment, supervision, planning and staffing, recruitment, selection, motivation, performance appraisals, compensation, grievances, ethics and employee well-being. Throughout the chapters, we attempt to provide basic information, principles, and case studies that have application to a wide variety of operations. Whatever recreation or sport organizations students choose to go into – private or public, for profit or non-profit – they should be able to relate to the material presented in this book. Whether they intend to work in commercial recreation, therapeutic recreation, outdoor recreation, governmental recreation, youth services, sports management, or event planning, this textbook prepares students with a solid foundation for human resource management. Theory and practice are combined to assist students in gaining a greater understanding of the many complexities they will encounter in the workplace.