Funny Toilet Brand Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper

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Are you on the Clinton bandwagon yet? If yes then go ahead and show your pride with this collectible novelty gag gift toilet paper roll that’s sure to rally up support around the town. Not on the Hillary train yet? Possibly an Avid opponent of Hillary Clinton? Good news for you, now you get to wipe your backside with her face and flush her strait down the toilet. No matter what your reasoning is this is set to be the number 1 gag gift of the 2016 election. Each roll is shrink wrapped with 160 sheets of quality printed Clinton toilet paper single roll that’s sure to amuse whatever guests you may have or as a gift to an office rival? 100% money back guarantee by our authorized re-seller (NVD TEK) only, if you’re not completely satisfied with our brand of funny toilet products.

  • Hillary Clinton toilet paper- laughing with her or at her your sure to stir up conversation
  • Best design, 160 sheets of hilarious 3-ply with Hillary Clinton printed on each and every sheet
  • Made from 100% virgin Pulp wood, non-toxic, smudge free ink, this roll is a winner