FERA Probiotics for Dogs and Cat Probiotics - Advanced Max-Strength Vet Formulated - All Natural Pet Probiotics Powder - Made in the USA - 5 Billion CFUs Per Scoop

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Why does my pet need Fera Probiotics?
+ Improves gastrointestinal function and health including reducing diarrhea, flatulence, bad breath, and constipation
+ Improves immune function and health
+ Minimizes acute or chronic diarrhea due to inflammatory bowel disease, parasitic infection, bacterial overgrowth and/or GI lymphoma
+ Replenishes good bacteria, especially if currently taking or recently finished taking antibiotics
+ Reduces incidence and severity of scratching, itching, hot spots from allergies
+ Improves glucose tolerance (in pets with diabetes)
+ Facilitates weight loss (in obese pets)
+ Reduces overall inflammation in the body
+ Improves growth rates and vaccine responses in puppies
+ Lowers cholesterol levels
The primary bacterial populations included in probiotics that are seen to benefit the cat and dog are lactic acid bacteria, especially Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and Enterococci. These bacteria use fermentation to transform some sugars into organic acids, particularly lactic and acetic acids. These acids serve to lower the pH in the intestinal tract and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.
Common Questions
How long will it take for this probiotic formula to work?
The minimum time is about 2 weeks, but can take up to 3 months for the good bacteria to colonize and grow in the intestinal tract.
Why do pet owners give their pets probiotics?
The most common reasons are diarrhea caused by infection or antibiotics, food intolerance, food allergies, and/or inflammatory bowel disease or gastrointestinal lymphoma.
How often do I give the probiotic?
Our probiotic comes as a powder and we provide small scoop. On average, your pet should get ONE scoop a day mixed in with their food, but it depends on their weight, which is specified on the bottle.

  • 5 BILLION CFUs PER SCOOP: With 11 LIVE POWERFUL STRAINS of living GOOD BACTERIA – Each strain is hand picked and formulated by our veterinarian to be the best canine probiotics and feline probiotics
  • VETERINARIAN CUSTOM_FORMULATED: Our product with eleven hand selected species and prebiotics to make the perfect probiotic powder formula for your pet
  • NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES: All-vegan probiotic, no wheat, corn, soy. gluten-free, dairy- free. Our powder is all natural and hypoallergenic, unlike other probiotic tablets and soft chews.
  • TASTELESS POWDER: Easily mixes into their food, your pet won’t even know it’s there! Skip the pill pockets or forcing your pet to take a huge tablet or soft chew
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you have any questions or concerns about this product or dog health, please do not hesitate to contact us and our Founder/Veterinarian will e-mail you back! 100% money back guarantee!