Suntactics sCharger-5 High Performance Solar Charger, Quickly Charges iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Android Phones, Samsung, Nokia, eReaders, BlueTooth Speakers, and Many Other USB Devices Directly From Sunlight. Extremely Durable and Reliable.

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  • Posted: June 13, 2017 11:01 am

The sCharger-5 is a high end solar charger purposely built to quickly charge all iPhone models, Android phones and other electronic gadgets including; GoPro cameras, GPS, AA and USB storage batteries. It even charges the iPad in good sunny weather. This is the only USB solar charger that can fully charge multiple devices throughout the day. No need to wait on an internal battery to charge. Just plug another device in and start charging.

The sCharger-5 is powerful enough to charge your device directly, other solar chargers use a small solar panel to trickle charge an internal battery, which takes forever! Their solar panels are too weak to charge your device directly so an internal battery is needed. When their internal battery fails, which it inevitably will from being baked in the sun constantly, you have to throw the whole thing away.

The sCharger-5 uses the highest quality parts to ensure ruggedness and long life. It utilizes high efficiency solar cells, the same cells used in high output industrial grade solar systems. Superior workmanship and cell alignment. The sCharger-5 also uses a rigid durable structure that is built to last. No glues, cloth and threads used on this one.

The sCharger-5 makes a great companion for power outage situations. Never worry about electrical power for your device. Be assured that you can always call for help or stay in contact with friends and family at all times. Most of the time cell phones still work when there is no electricity. Its versatility also allows you use many brands of USB storage batteries.

Techy stuff : The S5’s solar output wattage is rated from 5 volts. 5volts x 1Amp = 5 watts. This is not a 12 volt panel made to do 5 volts. Our wattage spec is accurate. Be sure to look at specs closely.

You can count on Suntactics. You’ve made the original investment, do yourself a favor and invest in Suntactics.

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