Photography Background Studio Lighting Light Kit with 3 Fluorescent Light Bank Linco Flora +3 35'' Hexogen Easy Softbox Linco Flora +3 8308 Compact Light Stand+18 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb Linco +1 Carrying Bag for Flora Light Bank+1 Carrying Bag for Linco#8308new by Linco#4680FK

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  • Posted: August 8, 2017 9:51 pm

Compare to our competitor, out lights are 3 times brighter, yet with just double the price. relatively speaking, it’s a good investment. most importantly, competitor’s light are unable to provide just enough coverage alone for photograph, purchase Linco’s light instead purchase competitor’s light which will eventually stored up in a garage corner. Linco products are easy to assemble, ables photographers with great photo results.
The FloraTM 4680 Watt 3 Head Lighting Kit offers unprecedented performance for a daylight fluorescent lighting system at this price.
Simply put, there has never been a daylight fluorescent lighting system designed for video, film, and still photography production available anywhere close to this price until now. It’s a great time to be in the market for a lighting kit!
Thanks to a newly developed ballast technology we can manufacture fluorescent bulbs that incorporate the ballast in the same housing as the bulb itself instead of needing a separate external ballast device. This technology allows us to create smaller, lighter, and more cost effective fixtures.
The FloraTM Lighting Kit offers the best lighting source to use for both high and standard definition video because of its highly diffused nature.

3 x Linco#PE9030 Linco Flora Fluorescent Light Bank

3 x Linco#PE3480 Linco Flora 35” Hexogen Easy Softbox

3 x Linco#8308new 8308 Compact Light Stand

18 x Linco#PP170051 Linco 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb

1 x Linco#PE9030KB Carrying Bag for Flora Light Bank

1 x Linco#3178-2 Carrying Bag for Linco#8308new

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