Embody Chair by Herman Miller - Fully Adjustable Arms - Black Balance Fabric on Graphite Frame and Base

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  • Posted: January 28, 2014 11:17 am
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CN222AWAAG1G1BB3513 – NEW Ready to Assemble Embody Standard Height, Adjustable Arms, Graphite Base, Graphite Frame, Black Balance.

You point. You click. You fixate on your computer screen. And you sit still for hours. Mesmerized. Your body screams, “Move!”–unless you’re seated in Embody. Designed specifically for people who sit at computers, Embody makes you feel like you’re floating. It promotes health-positive sitting, creating harmony between you and your computer to help you focus on your work and think more clearly. In fact, it’s the first work chair that supports your body and your mind.

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