Auto Dynasty 3" Inlet x 7" Cold Air Intake Cone Rubber Air Filter (Yellow)

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  • Posted: February 6, 2014 3:13 pm

Our Closed Top Styled Air Filter provides a high volume flow of clean and cooler free air into the engine, extending it’s life, while raising the fuel mileage in the process meanwhile.

Our Universal Filters are stylish with closed-top design. The reusable filtering material is made from quality micro cotton gauze, they are fully washable with just water and soap. The filter’s flange absorbs shock and vibration by its strong moldeed pilable rubber.

Our universal air filter delivers high volume flow of clean and much cooler air into standard and turbo engines. Our Universal Air Filter extends the life of engines, and it provides up to 95% of Filtration Efficiency. This top housing grill of this Heat-Shileded Air Filter is made of durable rubber to reduce overall weight and adds durability in the meanwhile. Whether it’s drag racing or track racing, the increase in intake performance will provides much more fun and power onto your vehicle!

What’s Included :

  • Round Cone (Tapered) Styled Filter
  • Clamp-On Kit
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