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Quantum Qflash TRIO Basic for Canon QF8CB

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The new Qflash TRIO “BASIC” is a more affordable speedlite wiyh the same 80 watt-seconds of flash power. It includes Qflash TRIO features, full TTL dedication for Nikon and Canon DSLR

Photography Background Studio Lighting Light Kit with 3 Fluorescent Light Bank Linco Flora +3 35'' Hexogen Easy Softbox Linco Flora +3 8308 Compact Light Stand+18 85W Softwhite Daylight Photo Energy Bulb Linco +1 Carrying Bag for Flora Light Bank+1 Carrying Bag for Linco#8308new by Linco#4680FK

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Compare to our competitor, out lights are 3 times brighter, yet with just double the price. relatively speaking, it’s a good investment. most importantly, competitor’s light are unable t